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Mystery Boxes

DakJen Tie Dye introduces.... mystery boxes! Choose your mystery box (Small, Medium, Large), and tell us your size, your clothing preferences, and your color preferences. We'll take it from there!

Get mystery boxes as a gift, for bridesmaids, or just for fun! Free shipping on all boxes.

Support black-owned businesses with the look good and feel good kind of loungewear.

small: $25
medium: $40
large: $45

size medium can include:
- 2 long sleeves
- t-shirt & a crewneck
- long sleeve & a tote
- pj set & t-shirt(s)
- make a difference long sleeve & tote
- pj-set and tote
- tank, tote & make a difference long sleeve

size small can include: 
- t-shirt & tote
- long sleeve & stickers 
- make a difference long sleeve shirt
- t-shirt & shorts
- tanks (2+)

size large can include: 
- sweatsuit & stickers
- 2 crewnecks & stickers 
- 4 shirts 
- 2 long sleeves and a tote 
- 3 long sleeves
- 2 make a difference long sleeves

what could be inside?

Size Small


size medium

size large

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