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Bleach Dye Sets are all colored items dyed with bleach mixtures. The collection consists of 3 sets" The Crewneck Set, The Hoodie Set, and the PJ Set. The Crewneck set comes in black, navy, and royal blue. The second is a cropped Hoodie/Open Leg Pant set. This set will have a more lax and presentable look. It will also consist of colors black and navy, and red may be joining soon, but finding red Hanes pants has proven difficult. The third set in this new expansion will be a Long-sleeved shirt (possibly cropped) with a casual cotton short. 

the crewneck set

Matching sweatpants and crewneck sweatsuit.

black crewneck

the cropped hoodie set

A cropped hoodie (with a raw hem), and solid, open leg sweatpants.

blue hoodie

the pj set

A long sleeve shirt with a cotton short. A raw hem on the short.

navy pj set
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